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The power, simplicity and low cost of the WordPress content management system has seen it go on to become the world’s most popular web platform. Some estimates suggest that nearly 60% of all websites are now built using WordPress. But, easy to set up does not always mean easy to run. This is why your website will benefit from professional WordPress support.

WordPress support and malware issues

Because of its popularity, WordPress has become a magnet for cybercriminals. Exploiting vulnerabilities in some website plugins, these hackers will install malware, ad injectors and other nasties that are designed to exploit your customers or damage your brand reputation.

The most common attacks tend to use a compromised website as a launchpad for installing malware on your visitors’ computers. This malware then monitors keystrokes, steals data or causes damage to their computer.

Recently, however, new exploits have begun to emerge. Through using malware to encrypt your website, they can prevent visitors from seeing your pages. Known as ‘ransomware’, these infections require a decryption key to restore access – and you can only get it from the hacker for a (considerable) fee.

Choosing a professional website design and support service can help mitigate these problems. Not only can they help you avoid risky plugins, but they can also help to harden the site against attack. You can also rely on a professional support service to help you clean up after an infection.

WordPress support and upgrade issues

Just like any piece of software, WordPress is regularly updated to add new features and fix bugs. For novice website owners, the updating process can be quite daunting – particularly as there is a risk of permanent damage and data loss if things go wrong.

These upgrades are unavoidable however, as they often plug the holes used by hackers to compromise your site. So if in doubt, seek professional assistance. Your support provider will be able to show you how to back up key folders and files before carrying out the upgrade. They will also be on hand to assist should something go wrong, including restoring everything from a backup.

WordPress support and the new functionality issue

As new technologies and trends emerge, your website will need to be periodically updated. From adding your Twitter feed to the homepage, to creating a portfolio of customer projects or testimonials, you will need to add new features to keep visitors (and search engines) interested.

WordPress has an extensive collection of plugins to help add these features but, as mentioned earlier, some are better than others. Choose the wrong one and you could be paving the way for disaster.

Again, a WordPress support service will be able to advise you on choosing the right plugin for your needs. They can also assist with installing, configuring and customising the plugin to ensure it fits with the overall appearance and functionality of your site.

For more help and advice on WordPress support services and how Broadband Cloud Solutions can help you avoid common (and not so common) problems, please get in touch.

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