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When the Covid pandemic hit last year any office that was using the ByPhone VOIP system were able to simply work from home using the same numbers and devices as normal.

Indeed here at BCS we simply packed up our Snom desktop phones, connected them to our broadband network at home and carried on as normal.

All external calls still come in and out on the same numbers, our staff are available on the same extensions and work carried on as nearly normal as possible.


ByPhone is an incredibly flexible system which has a whole host of features of which you can customise your package to use as many or as few as you need.

It’s simple to use drag and drop control panel makes it easy to set up your required ring groups and routing requirements. You can also add any requirements such as voicemail, call-recording etc at the click of a button. It’s not only confined to hardware based phones  – you can set it up to operate via your laptop or tablet.

Managers love it as they can use the reporting tools to see how well they’re using their system, call response times, how long customers are on hold in addition to managing costs by choosing which features are required.



Integrate byphone with Your CRM

Get the customer details on the screen as the call comes in, or click the customers to call them from your device.

Gain business and team insights through call analytics

Improve your customer experience by visually understanding how your business is performing, through easy to understand graphs.


Integrate your Teams users into your office phone system

Allow your Team to use their Microsoft Devices as part of their byphone extension.

byphone allows you to run most of your office on a cloud based phone system while giving some of your users phone system access via teams

Cloud based call recording accessible anywhere, on any device byphone’s call recording gives access to live call data, instantly. Play a call or download it from our easy to use self service portal and start improving your business today. All that’s needed to access our call recording is access to a browser.

Pick N’ Mix.

Only pay for what you need.

With byphone Lite you only pay for the features you need. Start with a simple system and expand as you grow. Add as many or as few features as you require, then tweak your call flow as you go.