BCS offer a range of bespoke and off the shelf products to fulfil your businesses needs. From email, backups to cloud storage we can help you today. 

We believe that one size does not fit all, and this belief is reflected in the products we offer. Not every business needs hosted business email and likewise domain based mailboxes are not enough for others.
We can help pick the right solution for your needs, as well as help should you need to scale up or down.


Hosted email

Secure, central & reliable

This professional e-mail system for business allows you to manage your email, tasks, contacts and calendar centrally, and access exactly the same information wherever you are.

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Spam Filtering

Effective spam reduction

Our spam filtering service delivers a world class and cost effective anti-spam and anti-virus protection service. It delivers no viruses, virtually no spam and very few false positives.

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Cloud Drive

Encrypted Cloud based storage

A secure, encrypted “hard drive” on the internet. Flexible and easily expanded or reduced to suit your needs. Only you have access and access permissions can be added for different users.

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Flexible onsite & offsite solutions

Secure, automatic and affordable backup solutions to fit your needs. Offsite and onsite solutions are flexible and can be scaled depending on your businesses changing needs.

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Disk Encryption

Encryption for your computer

Secure Disk encryption for your desktop/laptop to UK government standards without the needs of specialist hardware, Can you really afford to not secure your data

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Prevent viral infections on your systems

Safeguarding your private data can be a constant challenge. It is essential that every user has protection from and also detects and destroys all forms of digital threat.

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Network Infrastructure

For all your cabling needs

The quality of computer network cabling is a key element to any business environment. Bad cabling can severely affect the performance of the Network.

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IT Consultancy

For those who want advise on the best use of their IT

A badly managed IT environment can cause stress and loss of business.  Request a consultancy today to advise you on the best route for IT within your company .

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System Provision

Need a new PC or software package

For all your system needs from a new pc to the latest version of office, and for all those printers and network devices we can supply The latest versions at competitive prices.

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