Need a refresh of your IT, or starting a new firm with requirements.

Whether a new company with an IT requirement or an existing one with an ageing system that needs updating, you need to know that you can trust the advise on the information that you are being given.

Our experienced consultants will come and listen to your requirements, and advise on the best possible solution in an objective and honest approach, without the usual baffling IT talk.


We can provide professional advise on the following:

1.  New Office setups and moves.

2.  Your network configuration including Cabinets, cabling, routers, switches and Wireless.

3.  Internet service provision.

4.  Domains and websites.

5.  Servers and PC’s and mobile devices.

6.  Cloud based products such as exchange, Sharepoint, storage and backup

7. Disaster recovery and protection such as anti-virus, encryption, backup, data recovery, UPS and anti-spam

8.  Miscellaneous devices such as printers, plotters, scanners, and

9.  Software such as Operating systems, office, desktop publishing , accounting and CAD

10.  Ongoing support and maintenance for your IT environment


This is a small and not exhaustive list of services and equipment that our professional staff would be pleased to discuss and advise on


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