Junk email is a time waster and infected emails even more so.

Our spam filtering service delivers a world class and cost effective anti-spam and anti-virus protection service. It delivers no viruses, virtually no spam and very few false positives.

This Premium service also includes the ability to backup your incoming emails so if your server is unavailable, you never lose any email. In this case, you just log into a web page and view and reply to all your queued emails. This is ideal for any business who relies heavily on email and where lost email is a catastrophe.

Please note: This product can only be used on in-house Exchange servers.

How Spam Filtering Works

This is a fully hosted service, so no new hardware is needed on your server or computer. The emails are all scanned and filtered before they get to your computer, reducing the overhead on your internet connection and server.

If any possibly legitimate emails are blocked, the system will email you. You can then view the email and, if desired, tell the system that the email is safe. This sender will then be added to a safe senders list.

Simple Spam Filtering Setup

The setup of our hosted spam filtering service couldn’t be easier. We simply install a small piece of software on your server which then tell us all the email addresses to filter. Once setup, all of your emails go through our email filter on the way to your server and are cleaned of viruses and junk emails.

Anytime you add a new email address or user to your server, they are automatically added to the filter.

This is only available with a Computer Support contract



Next steps

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