freeimage-27213090As discussed in our previous articles, the Cloud presents a number of benefits for businesses of any size. However, there are a number of common misconceptions that hold companies back from adopting Cloud technologies. Previously we looked at the problems of service outages and named account managers; this time we look at storing valuable data offsite.

Our Data is too valuable to store off-site

Data is the lifeblood of your organisation, so it is perfectly logical to be extremely protective of it. However, the belief that keeping data onsite is safer than storing it with a Cloud provider is almost certainly misplaced.

Major Cloud vendors like Amazon and Google spend millions of dollars implementing and improving data security systems – how many small businesses can allocate that kind of budget to protecting their data? Can you really guarantee that your network security is of a better standard than that of some of the world’s largest Cloud service providers? And even if you do manage to lock down your data, will you still have the benefits of global access, unlimited resources growth and a pay-as-you go payment schedule? It’s unlikely, if not impossible that your small business can create superior services in house.

Ultimately, Cloud providers live and die based on their service, so a data breach could be fatal to their business. The European Union is also due to release kite mark standards within the next 12 months which will set standards for would-be Cloud service providers, to give businesses extra confidence in offsite data storage.

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