freeimage-2448261When you’re considering transferring your business to Cloud computing, the idea of outsourcing core aspects of your company’s IT needs can seem overwhelming! This series of articles looks at reasons why many companies put off the implementation of the Cloud, and how they can be overcome. Previously we looked at using outages as an excuse for keeping IT in-house – this time, it’s account managers.

We have to have a named contact for our service providers

Because Cloud computing tends to be offered on an automated basis (there is very little manual intervention required), most providers do not have named account managers for you to contact. Normally this isn’t a problem, but when there is an outage, or some kind of external disaster affects your systems, who do you call?

Cloud providers tend to distribute status updates digitally, particularly when there is some form of outage. They reason that channels like Twitter allow them to broadcast issues quickly, efficiently and instantaneously to all of their clients simultaneously.

Many people resist the Cloud because they prefer the “human touch”, or more specifically someone they can call and complain to when there is a problem. As a result, some Cloud providers employ hundreds of account managers for precisely this purpose. The problem is that this peace of mind does nothing to fix any problems faster and adds significant cost to the service. Not having an account manager shouldn’t cause your business any problems – most Cloud providers can keep you up to date regardless.

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