Voicemail to emailResponding to customer queries or complaints in a timely manner is an essential aspect of good service. Even when you are unable to take a call, the ability to respond to voicemail messages quickly remains important.

Remote access to voicemail has been available as a service for many years, but often involved remembering how to dial into the office phone system, entering a PIN number, making a note of the message and then placing a second call to the customer. Because this way of working is complicated, many people instead chose to wait until they got back to their desk to deal with messages.

Hosted VoIP solutions, however, offer the attractive alternative of voicemail to email. Using this system, voicemail messages are automatically emailed to your inbox so you can listen to them any place any time, without having to call the office. You simply open the new mail from your phone system and play the attached audio file to get the message.

By simplifying access to voicemail, it becomes easier to use, thereby increasing the likelihood of staff engaging with it. Collecting voicemail in this way is also quicker, allowing a more timely response to customers, raising service levels in the process. There is also no chance of forgotten PIN numbers or access codes preventing you from returning calls.

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