Spanner on keyboard representing fixing IT issuesWhen running into problems, it is human nature to have a go at fixing them ourselves. Often these self-help efforts pay off and we can get back to whatever it was we were doing. So as the general level of knowledge about using computers increases, should we be putting our experience into action and trying to resolve IT issues unaided before calling for support?

As you might expect, the answer is not straightforward. Fortunately, we can provide some pointers:

Locally-based PC problems

Often the IT issues we encounter at work only affect the computer we are using. Word freezes, or the mouse stops responding for instance.

It may sound overly simple, but the first step in almost every PC-related troubleshooting checklist is to restart the computer. In fact, when you call through to your IT support provider, there’s a very good chance that this is the first thing they will ask you to do. Why? The reboot process also restarts all of the background services needed for the computer to run correctly – and in a large majority of cases, also corrects the problem you have been having.

You can also check that all of the plugs and cables are properly inserted into your computer. Having keyboard problems? Follow the lead from your keyboard to the back of the PC and ensure it is firmly inserted. The same goes for your monitor and mouse leads if you having problems with them.

If none of these basic checks resolve your IT issues, stop what you are doing and call for expert help unless your IT support provider has previously given you instructions for dealing with specific issues.

Server-based IT issues

If several of your colleagues are unable to work – e.g. no-one can access their emails – then the issue is likely to be server-based and you should call for expert assistance immediately.

Under no circumstances should you try rebooting the server or ‘tinkering’ with its settings. Even if you do manage to restore the email service, it is possible that the changes made could have implications for the rest of the system, resulting in major problems further down the line. A mistake at server level will take longer to resolve, impacting productivity for much longer.

If in doubt…

The rule of thumb for any IT issues is: if in doubt, call for help. Your IT support provider is on hand to help you with all of your IT-related issues, no matter how trivial they sound. So if you are unsure of how to proceed, give them a call and ask for help.

Get help now

If you’re having IT problems, or you would like to protect yourself against future issues, please contact us now. Our expert engineers are always on hand to give you the help and advice you need, when you need it.

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