If your business has already decided that the time has come to move your company to a VoIP system, and identified a cloud-based provider as the best option, the next decision is who should you choose? Your business will not be stuck for potential suppliers, so over the course of the next two articles we will help you identify what the five key questions you need to ask.

1.    Customer service

Does the provider you are consider have their own support team? Do they manage the VoIP network themselves or are they reselling the services of another provider?

Choosing a provider who maintains their own VoIP service should mean that they have a faster response time when you run into problems and a greater degree of control when it comes to fixing issues. If the supplier in question is a reseller, check the details of any service level agreements offered.

2.    Chain of command

When considering a “white label” provider of hosted VoIP services you should also find out the “chain of command” before a problem arises. If you suddenly lose your phone service, who do you need to contact and how?

A provider maintaining their own VoIP service is obviously a single point of contact, reducing the complexity of getting a problem resolved. If you are dealing with a reseller, make sure you know who to contact for each kind of issue you may experience.

Next time we will look at three more key issues to consider before choosing a hosted VoIP provider. Hopefully these first two will get you started before then!

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