Does your domain name matter?For years, a memorable website address has been an extremely important part of ensuring people could find your company online. As search engines have improved however, most visitors now find your website for the first time indirectly – they never actually type your domain name into the browser.

This has led some web experts to question the continuing importance of domain names and whether businesses should still invest heavily in them. Here are some reasons why your domain name will continue to be important for some time.

The .com assumption

Researchers have found that web users naturally assume that your website will be found at If they are going to try and guess your website address, that’s where they will go first.

Residual SEO value

In the past, your choice of website address was a factor used by search engines to decide how relevant your site was to a user’s query. Is the user searched for “blue widgets”, a website called “” would rank higher in the search results than a competitor at “”.

Search engines have now demoted the importance of keywords in website domain names, but a relevant URL is still helpful.

By choosing not to obtain a sensible, relevant domain name, website owners are taking a risk. In effect they are placing all expectations of success on search engine results. Regardless of whether this is the channel by which most clients will find you, a bad domain choice could exclude the small, but profitable section of buyers who come to your site some other way.

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