iStock_000007302155XSmall (2)Many small businesses cite security concerns as one of the most compelling reasons for not adopting cloud technologies. The belief is that when the data is stored within their premise, they can feel more confident about their security arrangements.

However, news from the United States could help change those attitudes once and for all. Reports from suggest that one of the most secretive establishments in the world, the CIA, has hired Amazon to build a private Cloud solution for their organisation.

Like any other business, the CIA is looking to save money on their IT infrastructure by using a pay-as-you-go model to allow them to expand and contract as required. The Cloud should also allow employees to access critical business data from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Obviously details of the CIA’s Cloud implementation will remain clandestine, but the mere fact that they are moving to outsourced computing model shows that the platform and security are mature enough to host the most sensitive data sets. This confidence should inspire SMEs to take a more active interest in the benefits of the Cloud for their own businesses.

Just because your business is not as big or as well funded as the CIA does not mean you cannot benefit from the same benefits provided by The Cloud. Give the Broadband Cloud Solutions team a call today on 0141 585 6363 to discuss how Cloud services can save your business money without compromising on security.

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