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When choosing hosting for your company’s website, one of the choices you face is whether to go with shared web space or a dedicated webserver. Using shared web space, your website sits on a shared server where it uses a pre-allocated slice of the available resources. A dedicated webserver is exactly what it sounds like: a whole computer given over to your company so that you can use all of the available resources without having to share.

For most small businesses, shared hosting offers everything needed to operate a successful website or ecommerce shop. There are however certain situations where having a dedicated webserver makes sense.

High resource demands

If your website is very resource intensive, requires a large database, or is expected to attract lots of visitors, this will put heavy demand on the server and its resources, making a dedicated webserver an option worth considering. If you sign up to a shared web space and then find that your website uses more than its allocated resources you may find that you are charged extra by the hosting company, or that your website fails to load or perform properly, potentially losing customers and sales.

Privacy and security

If your website is being used to store particularly sensitive commercial or personal data, using a dedicated webserver may help reduce the risk of hacking and data theft. Where a website is hosted on a shared server, compromise of one of the other sites could lead to compromise of your own. By reducing shared resources, you reduce the potential angles of attack for cybercriminals.

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