In conjunction with the Economist Intelligence Unit, global computing giant IBM has surveyed 572 business and technology executives from across the world to gauge how their companies use the Cloud. Each was asked how their organisations are currently using Cloud technologies and how they plan to further harness its power in the future.

Based on the responses gathered, the research team identified three business types based on the extent to which these organisations use the Cloud to improve their business process and service offerings. These archetypes were:

  1. Optimisers who incrementally improve the way in which their business operates to enhance their customer value propositions.
  2. Innovators who have used the Cloud to create new revenue streams or even change their business role within their industry.
  3. Disruptors who use the Cloud to create “radically different value propositions”, as well as creating their own new market sectors.

The beauty of the Cloud is that the technology and services are open to everyone. This process, known as “democratization” means any business can take advantage of the Cloud to become an Optimiser, Innovator or Disruptor.

Regardless of company size, every business begins their journey to the Cloud with small steps to test how the technology can be of benefit. So why not give Broadband Cloud Solutions a call today on 0141 585 6363 to see how we can help you get your business started in the Cloud?


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