Police line representing domain name theftCybercrime tends to focus on stealing or extorting money directly from victims. However the increasing value of domain names and website visitors means that some hackers have turned to domain name theft as a way of creating more money for themselves.

All that is required to steal a domain name is to complete a transfer of ownership procedure. In most cases this is achieved quickly and simply using the automated systems provided by domain registrars. To perform the necessary administrative tasks, cybercriminals usually rely on hacking corporate email accounts to find the logon details for your domain management control panel.

Armed with your account details, taking control of a domain name is surprisingly simple – especially as the transfer appears to have been completed perfectly legitimately by you. This also means that your domain registrar may be unable to help you regain control of your domain if it is stolen. A hijacked domain results in lost website visitors, undeliverable emails and ultimately, a direct negative effect on your bottom line.

To avoid becoming a victim of domain name theft, there are two key tips:

1. Change your admin password as soon as possible. Make sure you choose a strong password that will be hard to crack.

2. Do not leave important account details saved in your email account – store them somewhere else on your computer or server where they will be harder for criminals to find.

Domain name theft is on the rise – these tips will help protect your valuable website address assets.

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