Premium domain namesGenerally domain names are relatively affordable. There are, however, a handful that attract plenty of attention, significantly increasing their value – two examples of which have emerged recently.

Seen as the ultimate domain name for businesses operating in the travel sector, could be the most relevant domain name available. Most travel operators optimise their websites to catch the attention of people searching for the word ‘holiday’, and a domain name that contains that word is likely to be even more popular than those named after travel companies for instance.

The current owner is set to auction the website address later this year when it is expected to fetch up to £21 million according to a report in the Daily Telegraph.


New global top level domains (gTLDs) continue to come online at a rapid rate. This week ICANN, the body who manages the global domain name addressing system, awarded the management rights for the new .buy domain to Amazon, which had been battling Google for the rights to control this particular address space. It is believed that Amazon paid around $4.6 million for the privilege.

These premium domain names attract such high values because they are not only easy for web users to remember, but they are also likely to receive better placement in search results. Over the long term, businesses using premium domain names that contain commonly searched for terms (like “holiday”) will save a fortune on sponsored ad listings at the top of search results. This is just one of the many reasons businesses are willing to pay a small fortune for premium domain names.

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