iStock_000015911331XSmall (2)A new report from the Institute of Engineering and Technology has revealed that just 14% of SMEs regard cyber security as a priority and have the required skills in house to deal with threats.

However, just because almost everyone else is ignoring the issue, it doesn’t mean that your business should too! Data breaches can be costly in terms of lost intellectual property, fraud, fines and reputational damage, and with so much at stake, it is amazing that more companies do not give cyber security more attention.

SMEs often face a problem when attempting to recruit security specialists, because even if they can afford to meet market rates for salaries, the majority of smaller companies do not actually require the services of a full time cyber security expert – which usually means they continue muddling along without support, or use outsourcing to provide the security protection required.

What many SME’s do not realize, however, is that there is a third alternative. Companies can leverage the power of the Cloud for secure file storage, and hosted desktop services to work on it. Once data has been moved into a Cloud solution, it is then protected by industry standard solutions backed by suitably qualified cyber security experts – and all at the fraction of employing a full-time consultant for in-house security.

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