Cloud storagePervasive use of the Cloud at home has introduced a new problem for businesses: Employees are increasingly using consumer-grade Cloud services to help them do their jobs. The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) reports that although 56% of businesses actively ban the use of consumer Cloud file storage services, many employees are ignoring these guidelines. This is likely because many employees have come to rely on Cloud storage as a way to collaborate with their colleagues and partners.

The lack of control presents an issue for businesses who need to maintain the integrity and security of their data. Rather than stamping out the use of Cloud file storage, the provision of a business-focused alternative as standard would be a better solution. In this way businesses can retain control over their data and take advantage of the efficiency gains on offer.

CloudDrive from Broadband Cloud Solutions could be the perfect solution to this conundrum. Your business retains full control of its data, including access control for external sharing. What’s more, your staff have the tools they need to work on the road or collaborate externally.

The AIIM study also found that although 89% of employees believe that formal collaboration is essential to their duties, 71% of organisations were unable to provide the tools or functions required, hence the adoption of rogue Cloud file storage solutions.

Make sure your business has an active policy in place regarding the use of Cloud services, and if your policy allows your employees to share documents in the Cloud, make sure you provide them with a secure, CloudDrive.

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