Just days after announcing a projected income warning (they expect profits to drop by $1 billion this quarter), Intel has announced that they are working on a new range of computer processors designed to increase cloud server efficiency. The new range of chips will be used inside servers by cloud computing service providers, and are promised to not only process data faster, but also use less power, hopefully reducing costs for everyone.

Using the completely un-technical sounding “fabric controller” technology, Intel’s new chips will begin shipping “in a few years”. Although a specific release date has not been announced, the manufacturing capabilities apparently already exist.

So why does this new development matter? The fabric controller will allow servers to process more than 100 gigabytes of data per second – roughly equivalent to 23 DVD movies every single second. A cloud server based around this technology should be able to comfortably handle all of your computing requirements and still have some horsepower to spare.

As a result, your cloud computing experience should be smoother than ever, as well as offering much more processing power for your subscription fee. Better yet, cloud computing prices could conceivably fall in line with running costs, creating a win for you, and another for your provider.

We will all just have to wait and see how the fabric controller story develops!

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  1. eUKhost

    That is really good thing if they have a good update on hardware.


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