iStock_000016457044XSmall (2)Your business is no doubt acquiring data at a phenomenal rate, and now needs a way to store, share and process it. Traditionally a growing business would install a server in a corner of the office to provide a centralised repository from which all of your employees can access that data – but an in-house server requires time and resources to keep it in good condition and to troubleshoot the inevitable issues that new technology brings.

Outsourcing data storage

If your company simply needs to make data more accessible, an easier solution may be a Cloud storage service. LiveDrive from Broadband Cloud Solutions makes it possible to share important files with your employees wherever they are, as long as they have an internet connection, without the usual hoops associated with remote access to a server in your office.

Dedicated hosted server

Your business may have a custom application, e.g. for managing client relationships, which is best suited to being used on a server. A dedicated hosted server can provide platform on which to install and run your software, without needing another computer in your office. Keeping the server up-and-running then becomes the responsibility of the service provider, giving you all the functionality you need at a fraction of the cost. And because the server is outside your company network, staff can access key data on the road too.

If you would like to know more about LiveDrive Cloud file storage solutions, or dedicated server hosting, give the Broadband Cloud Solutions team a call today on 0141 585 6363.

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