Cloud computingMany IT managers are keen to clearly define the differences between home and business IT, but increasing levels of IT literacy mean that many more end users are now bringing ideas about computer usage with them into the office.

One of the key areas where this is particularly true is Cloud computing. A recent report suggests that the average British internet user is now storing £508 worth of files in the Cloud. Spread across the entire UK population, this equates to almost £24 billion in total. The same report suggests that these Cloud users spend three hours per day, seven days per week, using Cloud services.

The fact that many people can see how Cloud storage works for them at home means they can also see relevant applications in their workplace. Transparent backup services, file versioning and anytime, anyplace access work fantastically well at home, so why should they not in the office?

However, businesses have an additional range of technologies available which further extend the power and value of the Cloud. One of the best options is hosted desktop technology, which acts just like an office-based computer but which can also be accessed from anywhere in the world, and brings along with it all the other benefits of a consumer-level Cloud hosting service.

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