Google domain namesAfter the first part of this article you could be forgiven for thinking there was nothing left to learn about the website addressing system. But here are five more facts for your next pub quiz.

1. was a mistake

Most people know that Google is named after a number called a “googol” – a special number composed of 1 followed by 100 zeroes. However Larry Page and Sergey Brin made a spelling mistake when registering their domain name ending up with rather than as they had originally intended.

2. The first ever domain name was

The first ever website address was registered on March 15th 1985 by the Symbolics Computer Corporation. The company itself may have disappeared, but the website address is still in use, allowing advertisers to “own a true piece of Internet history” with their banner ads.

3. YouTube’s launch was a big day for the pipe manufacturing industry

Registered on February 14th 2005, was the start of something big for online video. However eager users managed to crash the website belonging to the Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment company after mistaking their site address –

4. A domain name once sold for $35 million

Holiday rental business HomeAway paid this massive sum for the domain in 2007. The purchase was a strategic move to stop Expedia acquiring the address.

5. There are no 3 letter domains left

By 1997 all 50,000+ three-letter combinations of .com domain names had been registered.

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