Our role is to be your IT Department, which means that we are your first point of contact for all technical questions. Our job is to take away all technical hassles so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.


With a monthly contract, you have a certain number of hours of our time each month. Our approach is unique because:

  • We aim to work at your office for the hours you have each month.
  • Part of your hours can be used for telephone and remote support
  • We are effectively your employees for those hours each month.
  • Whatever tasks you need doing is covered within your hours.

We average out your support hours over a three month period. Thus, if you exceed your hours one month but use fewer hours the next month, you are not billed anything extra.

At the end of a quarter, if you have used more than the allocated support hours, you will be billed at our standard hourly rate for those hours. This gives flexibility, but helps ensure a predictable monthly IT expenditure.

We can accurately predict the number of hours required to do the job correctly: The amount of monthly support time per computer is about 30 minutes and 1 hour per server. This is an accurate recommendation based on our experiences over the past years. These hours:

  • Build in sufficient time to proactively maintain your computers.
  • Allowing some time for unforeseen reactive support.
  • Can be used for training and consultancy.
Terms: Payments will be collected via Direct Debit. 3 month termination.


Next steps

Contact BCS Edinburgh on 0131 563 7230 or online and we can discuss which solution meets your business needs best.