Failed Rubber StampThe rush for new global Top Level Domains (gTLDs) has seen a number of potentially awful variants registered with ICANN already. Here is our pick of the most dubious.

Although consumers appreciate low prices, the word “cheap” has become inextricably linked with “poor quality”. Choosing a .cheap website address may seem like a good way to tell web surfers your prices are low, but you could also damage your brand’s reputation in the process.

Widely regarded as Internet shorthand for something that did not work as hoped, or that caused embarrassment, “fail” is not a word businesses want associated with their brands. Choosing a .fail website address is almost certainly a fail in itself.

Almost certainly aimed at websites operating in the “adult” sector, the .sexy domain extension could also be used to embarrass others: e.g. It is difficult to imagine a non-adult industry that could make use of this gTLD.

“Guru” has become a much used and abused word online, particularly among social media “experts”, attracting a negative connotation of over-confidence. The .guru gTLD is therefore probably best left to eastern spiritual masters.

With the exception of fine art or possibly wine, it is unlikely your website will manage a positive connotation with this gTLD.

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