As business becomes more mobile, the demand for an equally mobile workforce increases. However, access to company systems quickly becomes a major headache when considering the provision of devices and software licenses.

The development of new remote desktop solutions may provide a simple and cost-effective solution to the issue. By using remote desktop technologies, staff can access what appears to be “their computer” from any device, anywhere in the world. Once a remote desktop account has been created, your staff will access the system over the internet at all times, ensuring the same experience whether at home, in the office or on the road. They can write letters, send emails, share spreadsheets and create presentations in exactly the same way they would normally do so from their desktop PC in the office.

Better still, using these cloud-based solutions, your business can also access critical files and data at all times, helping increase the efficiency of your workforce. Also, if your business should experience any kind of localised disaster, you can resume most operations immediately as long as you can access an internet connection.

Remote desktop services add an additional layer of flexibility to the way you do business, easily facilitating flexitime, dispersed workforce or even (if you allow such things!) duvet days.

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