iStock_000014820371XSmall (2)Although unemployment levels have remained high due to the ongoing economic downturn, people with specific skills are still in high demand. For smaller businesses, attracting talent has always been difficult, particularly if candidates have to be drawn from the local area.

Cloud computing, however, makes it possible to widen the horizons of your recruitment efforts, literally to the ends of the earth. Cloud computing technologies like hosted desktops allow you to create a consistent user experience, with access to your company data to anyone, anywhere.

Coupling remote data access with a hosted VoIP solution to handle telephone calls makes a central office much less important as staff can work from just about anywhere. And when staff can work anywhere, they can also be employed anywhere.

With that understanding, it becomes possible for even the smallest businesses to compete on the world stage. The pool of available talent suddenly expands across international borders, allowing virtually anyone with an Internet connection to become a candidate.

Obviously a business needs to work through recruitment, tax and other HR issues, but the technology is ready to help a new hire be productive once the paperwork is in place. The Cloud again proves to help level the playing field for SMEs looking to be more competitive.

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