iStock_000000572188XSmall (2)In the modern business world, your website is now critical to securing new clients – it tends to be the place they look first for new products and services. If your website is out of action, or simply slow to load, surfers may just carry on to your competitor’s site, losing you a sale (or more) in the process.

Moving your website to a new host is often as simple as taking copies of the files from your existing host and uploading them to the servers of your new provider. However, there is a second, important task to ensure that the changeover completes and that visitors come to your new site successfully.

The domain name which helps people find your site also needs to be moved to complete the transition. The domain name transfer process can be quite involved, which is why choosing a reputable host is essential. If the transfer is delayed or applied incorrectly, your website will be out of action – leaving you no better off than with the original web host!

The Broadband Cloud Solutions team has extensive experience of transferring both UK domains and those from elsewhere in the world. We will assist you with placing the domain name transfer request with your existing web host (required to undertake the address move) as well as performing the necessary technical magic to get everything up-and-running as soon as possible! Give us a call on 0141 585 6363 to discuss how we can help with your underperforming website.

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