freeimage-6542479When it comes to implementing a remote working regime, there is a high degree of trust involved. Employers must trust their staff to work from home and complete the functions of their job as they would at the office. By the same token, employees must resist the distractions afforded by working away from their desks to complete the work expected of them to a high standard.

Many bosses struggle with “letting go of the reins”, believing that because staff are out of sight, they are probably not being as productive as expected. The assumption is often that staff are fitting work around painting the hallway, washing the car and watching a few episodes of Jeremy Kyle.

However, research suggests that remote working actually makes staff more productive. IT recruiter Modis found that staff with remote access to business systems like email, tended to start work before they even reached the office each morning. Most were also checking and responding to work-related messages over the weekend.

If you still cannot tolerate the thought of allowing staff to work remotely regularly, you could investigate the option of opening a small selection of your business functions to them to see how they get on. Many businesses start by opening their email to staff who can then access it whenever, wherever using their smartphone or tablet. Why not see how that affects productivity? If the trial is a success, you have the proof you need that the idea is will be a success on a grander scale too.

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