Internet Online ShoppingA recent survey suggests that 70% of UK online Christmas shoppers will choose a high street store to spend their money if online stores perform badly. This means that websites that are slow to load, or are poorly designed not only frustrate users, but also directly contribute to lost sales.

Although this figure could be shocking to online retailers, it also presents an opportunity. If websites performed better, 70% of people would do more of their shopping online.

Many of the customer complaints about websites cited in the report are related to design issues. However web page loading speed, critical to keeping the consumer’s attention, is also affected by the choice of webhost.

Factors like the technologies used by your webhost can dramatically affect the speed with which a page is “served” to web browsers. Servers with faster processors and hard drives backed by a reliable network connection are more likely to meet the speed expectations of your users. Similarly the amount of other websites who share the same infrastructure can also have a major impact on your site’s performance. The more websites placing demands on shared resources, the slower your website will load.

It is therefore critical to find out from any potential webhost about the infrastructure they use, or you could be losing valuable sales.

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