Domain_nameWill you be able to find your perfect domain name?

The World Wide Web grows at a rate of millions of new pages every day. This means that it is very hard for experts to estimate exactly how big the Internet actually is. For those determined to try and figure it out, the number of registered domain names provides an indication. However, this is not entirely accurate.

At the end of March 2016, 326.4 million domain names were registered globally. This is set to increase as we enter an age reliant on virtual technologies.

Whilst the size of the Internet remains an enigma, one thing we are sure of is the fact that domain names are becoming harder to come by. So grab yours while you can.

A UK domain name shortage

A shortage of available domain names presents a problem for businesses in the UK. “.uk” is the fourth most popular address type in the world. This makes it even harder for British businesses to find a relevant and untaken domain name.

Domain prospectors exacerbate this problem. Individuals and businesses buy up desirable domain names for resale at artificially inflated rates. These domains are “parked” until someone agrees to buy them – further reducing the pool of available addresses.

If your business is going to obtain a “true” website address, you must act now. The reality is that meaningful domain names are in increasingly short supply in the UK. You will need to think laterally to find something suitable if you don’t act soon.

“New” domain names to the rescue

The ever-growing Internet is being severely constricted by a lack of available website addresses. This has caused the body responsible for managing domain names to create a range of new alternatives. You are no longer restricted to choosing .uk domains thanks to a new range of non-geographic options.

In a global marketplace, it can be beneficial to avoid UK-related addresses to help project an international image. A domain name ending with .bargains or .courses allows people to see what your business does at-a-glance without restricting you to a UK-focused audience. It could be that one of these new domain name options is the first step to fuelling your international growth plans.

These new non-geographic domains offer millions of new address combinations, but history suggests that they too will experience shortages – particularly for highly desirable variations. It is also worth noting that domain prospectors are already buying up new website addresses, adding to their profitable portfolios and reducing potential availability. For any business considering a new website, it makes sense to register their preferred domain names as soon as possible to avoid the risk of missing out again.

For more help and advice on choosing a new domain name that works for your business, please get in touch and let our experts guide you through your options.

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