iStock_000012361461XSmall (2)The concept of Cloud computing means outsourcing core aspects of your company’s IT needs, and therefore often requires a change in thinking as well as a change in the way you work. This short series of articles looks at three common reasons people think that Cloud computing is not relevant to them, and explains why they’re wrong!

High profile outages mean I should keep my IT in-house

By far the most common argument against adopting Cloud computing is over loss of service. Amazon, Microsoft, Google – they have all had outage issues in the past, leading many IT managers to question, “what would happen if our data was affected?”

However, Google’s Gmail, for example, has a reported 99.99% uptime, which is at least as good (probably much better in reality) as most small businesses could expect from their own email system. The truth is, these Cloud service providers depend on keeping their systems up. Outages are the exception and not the rule.

When it comes to systems maintained in-house, how many really do achieve 99.9% uptime? Very few! The Cloud service providers, on the other hand, invest annually in people and computer hardware to offer all of their customers with system uptimes that most small businesses can only dream of.

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