HiRes (2)With all the industry hype surrounding Cloud computing, many businesses wonder what it is that they need to get on board – but there is a good chance that your business is already part of the Cloud revolution.

Does your company run a website? On a server provided by your ISP? Yes? Congratulations! Web hosting is an example of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution.

PaaS is simply using a base service, in this case a server hosted and managed by a provider, to maintain a line-of-business application – your website. For a monthly (or annual) fee the service provider makes sure the underlying platform is working correctly, allowing your business to run a website on it.

The web hosting example shows how many businesses are already familiar with some of the fundamentals of how Cloud computing works. There are dozens of other applications that a small business may use which also use aspects of Cloud technology. Hosted mailboxes, online CRM and file sharing are all commonplace in the modern workplace.

Obviously Cloud computing can become quite complex for custom applications and larger projects, but the beauty of the Cloud is that implementation of many SME services are simple, seamless and cost-effective. So much so, that many companies don’t even realise they have made the switch!

If you would like further advice about web hosting, online file backup or other aspects of Cloud computing, give the Broadband Cloud Solutions team a call today on 0141 585 6363 – we’re always happy to help!

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