If your business has reached the point where a second office has become necessary, it may also be time to consider upgrading your Internet solution. High speed broadband delivered via ADSL is quite sufficient for most Internet solutionsstart-ups, but once your user base increases, so too will your bandwidth demands.

For critical applications, such as VoIP calling, broadband bandwidth, which is shared with other users at your local telephone exchange, may suffer. Poor quality voice calls, slower than expected download speeds and generally unresponsive Internet access all suggest that your business may have reached capacity. Worse still, the more users who join your network, the less available bandwidth you have.

The answer is to install a connection with dedicated bandwidth – a leased line. Unlike ADSL, leased lines are not shared with anyone else, ensuring you always get the network speed advertised. And unlike ADSL which is generally faster to download than it is to upload, leased lines offer the same speeds in both directions.

Leased lines are undoubtedly more expensive than ADSL connections, but for mission-critical applications, the cost can easily be justified. For true enterprise-grade connectivity however, leased lines are your business’ best choice.

To find out more about leased lines, or perhaps just ways in which your existing broadband connections can be used more efficiently, give the Broadband Cloud Solutions team a call on 0141 585 6363.

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