Office WorkerIf your business is too small to warrant a full-time member of staff, or even an IT support contract, you need to carefully consider how to balance the need to use technology with potential for problems. Here are two Cloud-based technologies that may give you the service you need without worrying about maintenance and support.

Hosted desktop

A complete computer in the Cloud, hosted desktops provide data storage, email and remote access from any device. This means that staff can be productive with nothing more than a tablet computer. Support and maintenance of the hosted computer is the responsibility of the Cloud service provider, who effectively becomes a support department for your company without the overhead costs of employing someone.


Using computer files inside your company generally requires some form of server device to store them. There is also a need to provide some form of backup routine to protect that data from loss in an emergency. Maintaining backup devices and servers is an expert job, and usually required professional assistance. Using a Cloud-based file storage solution such as LiveDrive, however, keeps your files safe at all times, and requires nothing of you in terms of maintenance or management. As with hosted desktops, supporting hosted file storage is the responsibility of the service provider – again your business gets service and support as part of the monthly subscription fee.

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