Back at the beginning of the last century, the Italian economist Pareto noticed that 20% of his country’s population held 80% of Italy’s resources. This 80/20 principle also applies to other fields including industry, and realising this can help your own business recognise the potential made available in the cloud.

In the context of an SME, 80% of profits come from the efforts, products and assets of 20% of their business The cloud can help your business to operate in the most efficient manner possible to make the most of that all-important 20% of business activity.

Cloud technology can be implemented using a piecemeal approach. A web-based email system allows access to company messaging platforms from anywhere using any device. Once the effectiveness of that solution has been proven, your business could consider moving mission-critical systems to a cloud service provider, opening corporate systems to mobile employees for even greater efficiency.

The cloud allows your employees to take advantage of accurate, up-to-date information, allowing them to make fully-informed business decisions more quickly.
The’ always on, always accessible’ nature of the cloud provides an efficient mechanism by which staff can access accurate information at their convenience. It is exactly this functionality which will further empower your top 20% of business activity and eliminate wastage in the remaining 80%.

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