Spam emailOften thought of as an annoyance more than a danger, spam email messages are actually a serious business problem. There are significant costs and risks associated with unsolicited email – here’s why your business needs to invest in a service that can block it.

What are the business problems caused by spam email?


·         Wasted server resources

The company email server is a precious resource, with storage and processing capacity often at a premium. To ensure that important messages are sent and received smoothly and reliably, you need to ensure resources are not wasted.

Unfortunately email spam takes up valuable processor cycles being processed, and then consumes disk space once it hits your users’ mailboxes. Left unmanaged, spam has the potential to completely overwhelm your server, forcing you into an unplanned upgrade or replacement.

·         Wasted bandwidth

Sending and receiving emails also consumes bandwidth, potentially affecting other applications that are accessing the Internet. VoIP, video conferencing and general web surfing all use a portion of your available bandwidth: the more bandwidth available to these key business applications, the more reliable and stable they are.

Receiving spam messages uses a share of that available bandwidth. This can then affect these other applications, reducing your business communication and information capabilities.

·         Wasted time

Identifying and deleting unwanted email is a relatively minor task, and for many users it presents no big problem. However, untrained or inexperienced staff will devote time to reading or checking email before deleting it, wasting working hours needed for productive activities.

Over the course of days, weeks and months, the time spent managing unwanted email quickly mounts up, significantly affecting your company profits.

·         Risk of malware infection

Spam email often carries malware-infected attachments that attempt to infect your company computers. This malware can steal corporate data, delete files or create security backdoors that can be exploited by hackers.

Every malware infection costs your business in terms of lost productivity, downtime, the financial impact of lost data and potentially massive damage to your brand image.

·         Risk of fraud

Carefully target spam messages use a technique known as “phishing” to try and trick users into divulging sensitive data like passwords or bank account details. Many phishing attacks are basic and easily spotted, others more sophisticated and very convincing, but both waste staff time and effort and require awareness and training to handle, to ensure they don’t secure the information sought.

Keeping spam out

The secret to good spam management is to prevent it from entering your network in the first place. The Spam Filtering service from Broadband Cloud Solutions blocks spam messages automatically, helping you avoid all of the problems above automatically. You will immediately benefit from a reduction in bandwidth and server resource usage, and your employee productivity will increase too.

Best of all, as a managed service, your workers don’t need to do anything – the Broadband Cloud Solutions team makes sure that everything is kept up-to-date so that only genuine email messages make it through. Learn more about why the Spam Filtering service is a must-have for your business by getting in touch with BCS today.

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