A survey by Harris Interactive has found that small and medium sized businesses (those with between 25 and 150 employees), are more advanced than their enterprise-sized counterparts when it comes to cloud uptake, in terms of web-based/Cloud email solutions.

The survey, which was commissioned by Microsoft and announced at their recent Exchange Conference, discovered that around half of all respondents from smaller businesses were already using Cloud-based email. This is in stark contrast to large organisations, where just 10% had migrated their mail services online, choosing instead to stick with servers they manage and maintain onsite themselves.

However, despite their apparent enthusiasm for Cloud services, SMEs appear to be reluctant to take up services other than email at present – although whether this is because business decision makers are unaware of the solutions available, or retain concerns about security and data access is unclear.

Software as a Service (SaaS) has made numerous functions available online, reducing the costs normally associated with maintaining computer systems. Using subscription-based services like Broadband Cloud Solutions own hosted desktop solution, SMEs are able to outsource their entire computing set-up – staff can access a virtual PC desktop (and their company files) from anywhere, as long as they have access to a web browser and internet connection.

Email is a logical starting point for Cloud adoption, and it is likely that as SMEs become more aware of the benefits available they will begin to outnumber their larger competitors in other areas too.

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