Google sign representing domains from GoogleLast week Google announced their latest service – Google Domains – a service to for individuals and businesses to buy domains from Google. As a trusted provider of several online services, business may be tempted to jump onboard with Google for their website domain needs. But there are a few things you should consider first:

1. Google Domains is a beta service

The domain purchasing service from Google is advertised as being ‘in beta’. This means that Google is still testing the service and is not yet ready to roll it out publicly.

2. Google Domains is invite-only

If you want to buy a domains from Google, you will need an invitation from someone associated with the service. No invite, no domain.

3. Reliability issues

Google has a history of cancelling products and services with little warning, regardless of how successful they may be. The Google Reader product for reading RSS feeds was cancelled last year despite boasting millions of users worldwide – now imagine that happening to your company.

4. Support issues

Google is famous for making easy-to-use, maintenance-free products. But in the rare occasions that something does go wrong, Google’s support is rumoured to be less than helpful.

With these four factors in mind, it makes sense to purchase your company domain names through a firm who specialises in domain name registrations. Not only do these providers have a proven track-record of delivering domain name registration services, they are also have the relevant mechanisms in place to help your business in the event that you do run into problems.

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