TLD extensions after wwwTop level domains (TLDs) are assigned by ICANN to countries across the word so that their residents can create localised websites and email addresses. As a result, some TLD extensions are incredibly common – .com and for instance. Here are some you may never have heard of:


Not a Swedish clothes chain, but the Heard and McDonald Islands. Located over 2500 miles from Perth, these remote islands have a net population of zero, and do not even have any permanent structures built on them. It is little surprise then that .hm websites are very rare.


The last remaining British Pacific Ocean colony, the Pitcairn Islands have a population of just 56 people. Famously the last destination of the Bounty mutineers, almost the entire population of Pitcairn Island is a direct descendant. Most .pn domain names are owned by foreigners, providing a useful revenue stream for this tiny nation and its population.


A French overseas territory, the French Southern and Antarctic Islands comprise several diverse islands spread across the South Atlantic. Depsite covering nearly 170,000 square miles in total, the islands have a population of around 140 people. Most of the population are scientists or army personnel and there are no civilian residents on any of the islands. Without phone lines and reliable electricity however, no .tf websites are actually hosted on any of these remote outposts.

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