IT BudgetDepending on which paper you read, the Brexit vote has either caused a massive seismic shock to the UK’s economy, or had minimal effect to date. For many businesses, it is this uncertainty that is creating problems – particularly in terms of planning your budget.

As a result, many businesses are choosing to reign in their spending by cutting back on non-essential services to boost their cash reserves. For some businesses, IT support may seem like a good place to begin cutting costs. After all, if you rarely need assistance, why continue paying for a comprehensive IT support contract?

IT support is a vital insurance policy

IT support and maintenance services, like a traditional insurance policy, seem unnecessary – until you actually need help. It is at this point that people without coverage suddenly discover just how expensive unplanned IT support really is – and how important it is to keep IT systems protected at all times.

In the event of a serious outage, malware infection or system failure, the decision to drop coverage could also be a choice that threatens your entire business. You may be forced to try and fix the problem yourself, which tends to be a bad idea, or pay a premium for emergency support from an expert consultant.

Pre-paid support – the best of both worlds

It seems that your business has two choices:

  1. You can take out an on-going support contract that offers protection – even when you don’t need it.
  2. You can take your chances and pay for support on an as-and-when basis, but potentially blowing your entire IT budget in a matter of days if something goes wrong.

But there is a third option that can give you the support you need, and the ability to better manage your budget – pre-paid technical support.

It is comparable to pay-as-you-go mobile phones – you purchase a block of ‘time’ that can then be used whenever, and however, you choose. So if one of your PCs is infected with malware, you can use that pre-paid time towards having an experienced engineer remove the infection and prevent its spread across your network.

If the problem requires additional resources, you can “top up” with additional credit. Again, you know exactly how much you are paying with each top up, allowing you to control your budget without compromising the level of support you receive. For pre-paid technical support providers like Broadband Cloud Solutions, there is no difference in the quality of support you receive either.

No matter how much your budget is squeezed in these uncertain times, pre-paid support offers a much needed layer of protection that you control. Keeping 10 hours in reserve now, could be a hugely important investment further down the line.

To learn more about pre-paid technical support and the flexibility it offers your business, please get in touch.

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