Secure your data wherever it travels with full disk encryption software.

an assured full disk encryption solution securing data on touch-screen tablets, laptops, desktops, servers and removable media from theft and loss. Devices can be encrypted at any time and once installed, all data is encrypted transparently, allowing authorised users to access data without impact on performance.

A removable media module enables the full encryption of data written to removable media, and may either employ a personal Encryption Key or a shared Encryption Key allowing authorised users to exchange protected data.

What the encryption provides

Provides full encryption of your hard drive to FIPS 140-2 certification, transparent to the user with no impact on performance.  Removable media encryption and multi-user pre-boot authentication. No requirement for TPM  compliant devices or specialist hardware, no need for CESG Sales approval.

Supports Windows 7/8 and server 2008/2012

Simple Encryption Setup

The setup of our drive encryption could not be easier. We simply install a small piece of software on your computer which will then encrypt the hard drive, and should your data need to be moved to an external Hard drive, USB pen or cd/dvd there is option for that media to be encrypted as well.

For a company with a server and multiple devices that require encryption this can be centrally controlled from your server.

Windows 10 support coming soon



Next steps

Contact BCS Edinburgh on 0845 838 1710 or online and we can discuss which solution meets your business needs best.