iStock_000020054465XSmall (2)The storm about PRISM and Internet surveillance perpetuated by the American National Security Agency continues to rage in the media – and with good reason. Businesses and consumers alike may have had their data intercepted and analysed by foreign security services, causing outbreaks of concern in many quarters.

As a result, many businesses are now re-evaluating their use of Cloud file storage services, worried that sensitive information may be leaked or otherwise compromised. Data that passes via servers located abroad appears to be particularly susceptible to interception, encouraging many existing users to investigate services located within the UK. In Germany, the federal minister of the interior, Hans-Peter Friedrich, has advised his nationals to avoid applications and storage hosted on American servers.

Using a Cloud storage service based in the UK offers the same performance and security as an alternative located abroad, but with a lower risk of interception by foreign security services. The PRISM scandal has done nothing to damage the credibility or viability of Cloud storage services for business use; rather they have given organisations pause to consider the specifics of their service provider, including the location of their data centers.

In addition to data being less susceptible to snooping, UK-based Cloud providers offer local support, and can benefit from improved network speeds due to reduced transmission distances too – so businesses certainly shouldn’t be put off by the PRISM conundrum. To find out more about reliable UK-based Cloud file storage services, give the Broadband Cloud Solutions team a call today on 0141 585 6363.

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