On_site_support_IT_KeyboardThe Internet has made it possible to perform many tasks and jobs remotely. In many cases the remote approach is both cheaper and quicker, but having an engineer deliver onsite support sometimes offers far greater value.

Conference call syndrome

Remote support tools allow an IT engineer to take control of your PCs to perform diagnostics and troubleshooting. But because your user is not engaged, they could be missing valuable personal development and training opportunities.

The process is little different to participating in a conference call: it is very hard to stop your mind from wandering when you are not the one doing the talking. There is a great temptation to do something else while the engineer ‘does their thing’.

Picking up tips and tricks from onsite support

Having an engineer working alongside your employees will mean that they will also learn a number of basic troubleshooting skills themselves. They will certainly learn how to use their PC more effectively.

The more efficiently your employees can use IT, the more effective they become at work, getting more done each day and helping to boost profitability.

Greater time savings in the long run?

Although it takes longer for an engineer to arrive on site, being able to view a problem and all the other contributing factors up close means that they may also be able to solve the issue more quickly. Rather than simply firefighting the problems your team reports, an onsite engineer can identify whether there is an underlying issue that needs to be fixed in order to prevent repeat occurrences.

Without this ‘holistic’ view of your system, it is entirely possible that productivity will be hampered because deep-rooted problems are never fully resolved because of the limitations of remote support when dealing with low-level software or hardware.

What happens when the Internet goes down?

Remote IT support is completely reliant on your company Internet connection – so if your broadband goes down, so does your support. Having an onsite support contract means that your engineers will be involved with helping to restore Internet access and anything else that may have caused the outage in the first place.

When a personal touch matters

With so many of your business processes completely reliant on IT, any outage is costly – and stressful. Having an expert engineer onsite working alongside your own team is physical proof that something positive is being done to resolve the situation. This gives you peace of mind that efforts are underway to get your business up and running again – a personal touch that remote support simply cannot supply.

Onsite support offers several benefits that remote equivalents cannot – not least the chance to deal with a real person face to face. That is why Broadband Cloud Solutions combines these two elements to make sure that you receive the best possible IT support.

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