Online file-sharing, Cloud-based hostingOnline file-sharing plays an increasingly important role in business today – it’s not just for backing up files. Here’s how investing in online file-sharing services could provide significant opportunities to create new efficiencies and cost savings.

Simplifying and securing remote working

Businesses of all sizes are now legally bound to consider any and all flexible working requests from employees. Although flexible hours are easy enough to arrange, working-from-home provisions can be more difficult to fulfil.

By hosting files with a Cloud-based file-sharing system like LiveDrive from Broadband Cloud Solutions, information is stored centrally. Employees working remotely can share files privately, automatically sync files across chosen devices, collaborate on documents, and even use BYOD to work from their own mobile devices – all whilst using the branded web portal to maintain a professional look for clients.

Because files are stored outside the corporate network, there is no need to create remote access rules or adjust network security settings to enable offsite employees to retrieve the information they need.

It is also important to note that the security provisions of the host datacentre will almost certainly be more secure and resilient than those protecting your own network – LiveDrive can offer full FTP set-up with military-grade encryption. Moving data to an online file-sharing host increases the level of protection and security for your intellectual property and sensitive data.

Creating new ways of working

The modern SME often relies on freelancers and consultants to assist with specific projects. These people still need access to the same information as your own employees, but this presents a security headache.

Using online file-sharing, access to information can be granted on a folder-by-folder basis without having to allow third parties to access your internal corporate network resources. To maintain the highest levels of security, you should ensure you restrict third-party access to these resources.

Instead of having to track down and email information to fulfil project partners’ requests, Cloud file-hosting ensures that they have the information they need at their fingertips. You can also be sure that shared files are always correct and up-to-date, doing away with the file versioning problem of sharing data via email.

Cloud-based file-hosting enables easier access to project data, for all participants, reducing inefficiencies and increasing customer satisfaction with deliverables.

Benefits for all businesses

Online file-sharing can benefit businesses of every kind by:

  • Making data more accessible: any place, any time from any device for maximum productivity.
  • Simplifying business data sharing: reducing time spent sourcing files, answering queries and chasing duplicate documents.
  • Improving security provisions so that valuable corporate data is harder to steal.
  • Ensuring that information is always available, even when your own network is affected by outages.

The ultimate goal of Cloud file-hosting tools like LiveDrive is to boost business flexibility and productivity. In helping you become more efficient, online file-sharing also helps to cut operational and administrative costs, generating a real return on investment and helping your business respond more quickly to a changing marketplace.

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