Businessman Working With Modern DevicesAfter teasing the product for over a year, Microsoft has finally released a version of their productivity suite Office for iOS. Users can now create, edit and collaborate on documents directly from their iPhone.

However, the app is not quite the product that many business users had hoped. It relies on the user having a valid Microsoft Office 365 subscription in order to access files, and was also designed for use on the iPhone, so the iPad experience is less than stellar. As such, the Office Mobile app has been quite a disappointment for many small business owners looking to be more productive on the move.

For those companies looking to replicate the PC experience on their tablet computers, a hosted desktop solution may prove to be more desirable. Hosted desktops recreate the PC desktop experience via the Internet, potentially including access to a full-featured version of Microsoft Office. Files can be accessed directly from the company server without additional Office 365 subscriptions too.

Hosted desktop solutions from Broadband Cloud Solutions can be operated on Apple smartphones or tablets, along with similar devices from other vendors. This broad support for a range of devices means that company work can be completed any place, any time with a full feature set; not a cut-down, sub-standard experience.

To find out more about hosted desktop solutions and how the Cloud can be leveraged to make your company more productive, give Broadband Cloud Solutions a call today on 0141 585 6363.

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