Many businesses up and down the country (and across the world) are preparing to close their offices during Christmas and New Year. Some people and companies, however, will be operating as normal, and that could include some of all of your customers. This raises an important question for your business over the Christmas period: what happens if one of your customers has an emergency and you need to fix it?

Traditionally customer emergencies require you, or one of your staff, to head into the office to access records, make calls or administer systems to resolve the issue. The customer’s issue may take just five minutes fix, making a trip to office annoying, disruptive and costly.

Hosted desktops could provide an answer, because this offers the same experience as using your computer in the office without having to go there. All of your files, folders and applications can be accessed anywhere, anytime meaning that a five minute job really does only take five minutes.

Hosted desktops are not just for Christmas

Better yet, hosted desktops are not just for Christmas but provide significant benefits all year round too. A hosted desktop solution:

  • Extends the lifetime of your company’s computers because the virtual desktop does all the work
  • Provides a full PC experience any place any time from any device, including tablets and smartphones
  • Is much cheaper to maintain as the provider is responsible for maintenance and updates

Sound good? Get in contact with Broadband Cloud Solutions on 0141 585 6363 to find out how our hosted desktop solutions could help you stay open this Christmas without actually having to stay open.

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