freeimage-444454Snow seems to affect British businesses badly, often forcing offices to close and costing billions of pounds per year in lost productivity. However, modern technology can now offer ways around office closures, allowing your staff to remain productive even when they cannot make it into the office.

Hosted desktops

If your staff cannot make it in to use their computers, why not make their computers available for use anywhere in the world? A hosted desktop looks and feels just like the office PC, and allows access to all your company files and applications. All your staff need to remain productive is their home PC, laptop or tablet.

Hosted VoIP

Using a hosted VoIP switchboard, your staff can make and receive company calls, fielding queries from customers from the warmth and safety of their own home. Depending on how often they will be working outside the office, they can be issued with a dedicated VoIP telephone handset, and program (a bit like Skype) to use on their own PC, or even an app for their smartphone.

Your hosting partner

Broadband Cloud Solutions are experts in sourcing and configuring hosted services and products for small businesses. Hosted desktop and VoIP solutions can be used at any time to help reduce operational costs and increase efficiency – even when it’s not snowing!

If you would like to know more about the hosting services available for your company, call the Broadband Cloud Solutions team on 0141 585 6363.

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