New year clock representing new domain nameThe New Year is often a time for reflection and change. The New Year is also a time when marketers direct their creative abilities towards creating campaigns that will ensure growth and sales in the coming 12 months.

The relative ease and low cost with which a website can be built means that many larger businesses often choose to launch new products and services with their own microsite, complete with new domain name. This may be a nothing more than a handful of pages dedicated to that product which then feeds back to the main company website.

The low price point of new sites and domain names means that adopting the same strategy is now open to smaller businesses too. Web hosting costs from £25 per year and a unique domain name could be as little as £10. In an age where the first point of reference for new purchases is the Internet, such minor investments are increasingly important to marketing success.

So as your marketing manager prepares their campaigns for next year, don’t forget the importance of using the web to its full potential for your benefit. Encourage them to consider the use of a product-specific microsite with its own unique domain name to create additional buzz about new products and services.

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