A survey reported in Forbes magazine has confirmed that Cloud services are a massiveThumbs up hit with small businesses. According to the published results, 53% of Amazon Web Service (AWS) users classify as SMEs.

Cloud computing, particularly Amazon’s high availability AWS platform, is often touted as a solution for enterprise-class computing for very large companies. However, the report found that just 4% of AWS users surveyed employed 10,000 or more employees. Amazon Web Services are a rather specialised form of Cloud computing which allows for the development of sophisticated web-based applications. Whilst they probably aren’t of much interest to the majority of SMEs, this is not to say that Cloud Computing has nothing to offer any business.

Hosted desktop services allow your small business to remain productive in any place, at any time, by connecting to what appears to be their work computer over the Internet. LiveDrive provides Cloud-based file storage and backup, ensuring your data is always available and always protected against disaster, and hosted voice solutions offer you more flexible telephone options, extending your office boundaries and allowing you to take advantage of cheaper calls too.

To find out how your small business can join the Cloud revolution, give the Broadband Cloud Solutions team a call today on 0141 585 6363. Our flexible set of tools and services allow your business to unleash the power of the Cloud, regardless of how many employees or offices you have.

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