big www lettersWith just two months to go until their release, the latest generation of internet domain names (known as gTLDs for short) have come under criticism again. An article in the Guardian earlier this month suggests that new domains, such as .finance, .money and .trading are doomed to fail based on previous experiences.

With a virtually limitless supply of domain names in future, creating user trust with a good website address will become much harder. The Guardian points to issues with the .info domain, which became a magnet for scammers who purchased addresses designed to mimic legitimate websites, such as, designed to look like the bank which operates from

For that reason alone, industry analysts expect demand for “trustworthy” domains like .com, and .net to increase as unscrupulous web users seek to exploit the new system. There are also significant concerns about the “visibility” of websites using these new domain extensions. The .travel domain name has been in existence since 2001, yet the majority of larger brands have completely ignored it. Worse still, sites using this extension are almost invisible to search engines.

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